Many have now been visiting the IRIS base in Pemba Mozambique. And many more will probably get a lead to go down to visit.

The overview picture shows how central the base is in the area. Many have the opportunity to get to the base and go to school. The school is the houses that are located with "white roofs" up to the right in the picture. There are about 3,000 children who go to school there, and there are almost as many who are on the waiting list to enter. This is one of the very best schools in Mozambique, and there is therefore a great demand. They also get 1 meal at school, and this is for some the only meal they get in a day.

IRIS Ministries is working on building a university, but it is not built on this center. The IRIS has another area which is a little farther away from the city centre – but also a lovely space with access to the sea just below.

At this center is the clinic that women in the network, through you, have been putting in place. It is the first vertical building to the left right within the area.

The baby House is slightly further up, almost right behind the big roof on the right, which is used for Sunday worship services. The widower is also collected in this large building, and the food ceremony in the house on the far left within the fence not far from the church building.

An oasis, an open sky, a place where God is present. 



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