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Nordic Women's Conference

SAVE THE DATE: October 19-22, 2023


Women in Networking

We are a joint Christian foundation who has a call to convey revival, freedom and armament to women in Norway



For just £34 a year, you get the magazine Excited Home in the mail several times a year. We are a modern magazine for girls and ladies, but we are something more. We are a Christian magazine that will convey the gospel in a clear and life-close way. In this way, we hope to be able to touch hearts around the thousand homes.

Nordic Women's Conference 2023

Save the date!

19 - 22 October 2023 there will again be a Nordic Women's Conference.
Location: Q42 in Kristiansand.
Theme, speakers and worship will be announced soon.
Put it in your calendar and plan for this in the autumn semester.

Our Vision:

"We are a joint Christian foundation with a calling to convey revival, freedom and equipping women. Through events and networking, we will inspire the individual to wholeheartedly worship and follow Jesus Christ. We want to convey a godly life that transforms human life – locally and globally.”

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God can heal painful memories

God can heal painful memories

This was the day Marie stopped crying. Or, she did not quit completely. She could cry silently under the duvet occasionally in the evenings. When she was all alone. But something closed in her heart that day.
This incident was not unique. It was one of many Marie had experienced. And after this she did her best so that no one would see it when she was hurt

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