Excited is Kvinner og Jenter i Nettverk's magazine for girls and ladies of all ages. The magazine is for those who have a relationship with Kvinner i Nettverk, and for those who do not. We want to meet you where you are in your everyday life, with refills that can encourage, strengthen, challenge, inspire and lift you up. We want to create a magazine that you can crawl into the corner of the sofa with, and that can make you both reflect and lower your shoulders.

The magazine has honest interviews with everyday people like you and me, meetings with women who inspire in a special way, themed pages, teaching, everyday tips, our own conversation therapist and occasional reports from other countries where Kvinner i Nettverk has work.

We are a modern magazine for girls and women, but we are also something more. We are a Christian magazine that wants to convey the gospel in a clear and close-to-life way. In this way, we hope to be able to touch hearts all around in the thousands of homes.

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