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When we chose the name for our foundation, we chose it carefully... "Women in Network" should, in three words, describe some of what is our desire and burden. We wanted as women to experience the joy and inspiration of meeting with each other and meeting with God. We envisioned women's conferences, but also networking, when we were in the early stages of this work. The passage of time has confirmed these two main aspects. New initiatives have been taken—by women who have been inspired by what they have seen in our conferences—or by the fact that they have otherwise experienced That God has called them to gather as women, locally or regionally. These initiatives have been realised both through individual churches and also as more joint Christian measures.

We believe that by standing together we become stronger, and we are looking for us crowds of women who meet Jesus and become joyful spreaders in their homes, at work, in neighborhoods, in the ward. Yes to the ends of the earth.

Many who have spearheaded weekend and single-meeting meetings over the past few years have expressed a recognition of what women in the network stand for. We want to take these signals seriously — and we also know that the signals from the Lord go in the same direction. Together we have the strength of God, but alone so the fight is tougher. Therefore, we want to move forward in the development of network groups.

Elin Linde

Elin Linde

Leader, women in network

If you who are reading this have a desire for more information or a more formalised cooperation between their Group/Committee and Women in the network, then you can write to Elin Linde Fagerbakke, elin@kvinnerinettverk.no.

We are a cast-off Christian foundation who has a call to convey revival, freedom and armament to women in Norway. Through events and networking, we will inspire the individual to wholeheartedly worship and the succession of Jesus Christ. We want to convey a Godslov that transforms human life – locally and globally

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Elin is the founder

and head of women in networking. She is passionate about renewing and revivals in Norway and has a contagious faith and an inspiration gift that makes her a sought-after preach in wards and conferences. She lives on Flekkeroy outside Kristiansand, is married and has two daughters.

My longing is for women to be raised through a meeting with the Gospel and the Power of the Holy Ghost — and then to live and serve

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