Step in Faith

When Karina married, she looked at her quiet family life. The man was a teacher, and she was glad that he wasn't going to work on the weekends. But life took a very different direction. Today, she runs Waldemar's inspiration with her husband, Jarle Waldemar. He is one of Norway's most...

Quite ordinary – and yet Crown princesses

INTERVIEW WITH RACHEL HICKSON Rachel Hickson is a famous preacher, writer and a real Norwegian friend. But the relationship with our little nation here in the north started in a slightly special way. – I really think it started with a misunderstanding from both sides, laughs Rachel. –...

Elin's Ring

Many years ago I got an alliance with Geir. There were three diamonds in this ring. Later on one occasion I got two new diamonds that were attached to the ring. Such rings increase in value and shine as they expand with new stones, and are incredibly beautiful when the light...

25 years in the vision

Women in networking are 25 years this fall. Then it fits with a chat with the one that started it all: Elin Linde Fagerbakke. "It all started with a fire I got in my heart when I was 17 years old. I got a renewal. The meeting with Jesus gave a desire for more...

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