Prophetic greeting to the Nordic Women's Conference 2019 by Hilbert Norheim:

My answer to your plea for revival is the call to seek my face that I let rest upon you in this time.
The rest of my face is what redeems the presence of the people.
Over time, you have heard this reminder to come remote with me,
But unrest over many things has prevented you from seeking me.
As I said to Marta you make yourself uneasy with so many things, but one is necessary.
It's at my feet you find all that you long for in your heart.

Stop and try to find your heart and listen to what you most deeply in longing for.
I seek a deep love relationship with each of you.
It is before my face when gaze meets glances that my presence is redeemed.
My presence is the living water of eternal life that has a heavenly influence on all that lives.
It is the absence of my presence that gives dark access to bind and keep the people bound.
It is the absence of my presence that prevents the light from penetrating through the darkness.

Find your sacred place, the treasury, where I am and where I see and will pay you.
This is my insurance that I remind you again of.
It is the influence of my presence that provides revival and protection for people and countries.
It is my deep longing I here give to the knowing of meeting you in the hidden.



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