We have always known a strong love for Israel and the Jewish people. But in the last few years, God has in a special way opened doors and strangely put us in touch with many interesting people in Israel. Both Messianic Jews, Christians Arabs and other Yeshua successors in this wonderfully fascinating country. Several of them say that one of the most important things we can do to support Israel — in addition to praying for them — is to take people to the country so they can see, experience, and "fall in Love" in the country.

That is why we arrange once a year a round trip in which we visit many of our contacts, hear their stories, pray for and with each other and visit many of the biblical places in Galilee, Jaffa, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.


In 2023, we will have two trips in March. The first will be a team trip for a maximum of 12 people for young/adult girls from 15 - 23 March. For registration and program contact Mette on 976 04 718/ mette@metteogroger.no The second trip is with Menn i Nettverk. It is from 22 - 31 March. You are most welcome to join us! Here, too, you can contact Mette for the programme.




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