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heidiHeidi Baker’s Uncomfortable Message to America

By J. Lee Grady – Charisma Magazine

Heidi Baker is challenging the American church to reject superstar Christianity and return to the simplicity of the gospel.

American missionary Heidi Baker is not a normal preacher. When she spoke at a conference last week in Ohio, she delivered half of her sermon while lying on the floor. She was clutching the microphone while her forehead was resting on the carpet.

“I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord,” she said, quoting Philippians 3:8. She interrupted her message several times with the high-pitched giggling that has become her trademark.

This was not your average, seeker-sensitive sermon.

A petite, 46-year-old blonde, Baker told the crowd at the Encounters Network conference in Cincinnati that those who want to be used by God in powerful ways must learn to relinquish power. She said: “God told me once, ‘I want you to come up to the lowest place.’”

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