Our people movement is concentrated in Mozambique, and here we have already seen more of the power of God than we ever dreamed we would in this life. We have received more than we could have asked or thought. But yet Jesus keeps flooding us with more, and there is no limit! God pours out His Spirit without measure! And so we press on to what lies ahead…

This baby boy, blind from birth with eyes white and clouded over, was healed in a flash before many hundreds of Mozambicans, missions school students and visitors. This took place in a cement floor, tin roof Iris church in Mieze, near Pemba, where we now have a thriving community of believers who, in their mud huts, have been experiencing a stream of healing miracles these past few years. There we have a school, a children’s home and a church bursting with Africans thrilled with their perfect Savior! This is a resting place for the Holy Spirit, who loves to show up there with great power and joy!

Our bases in Pemba keep growing, hosting a community church for thousands, a Bible school, a missions school, a children’s center, a primary school and housing for hundreds of missionaries, students, staff and visitors. We are inundated with foreigners from dozens of countries, which is just what the Holy Spirit ordered, and hearts from around the world are being shaped for ministry to the poor. We are in a Kingdom vortex of supernatural activity, a sovereign work of God that sweeps us along in refreshing wonder and awe.

Of course we are also tested and refined to the uttermost. Wherever God is active there are responses and reactions of all kinds, and some fail the test and fall by the wayside. Spiritually we are deep in enemy territory, sustaining injuries and casualties, and keep getting threatened with our ministry’s annihilation. But our demise is greatly exaggerated, and we move from glory to glory as we learn through our hardships to trust God, who raises the dead (2 Cor. 1:8-11).

The dead are still raised, the lost are still saved, the hungry are fed, the lonely are in families, the simple are taught, the poor and hopeless dream dreams, and love, peace and joy increasingly reign. All this is His workmanship, and He is able to finish what He began. He is perfect, and will perfect us!

Our Bible school for bush pastors remains a joy to us. Our students come to us for three months out of every year for three or four years, and by then they are truly immersed both in the Word and the Spirit. And then we have our fifth-year students, whom we call our “MMs” — Mozambican missionaries! These are humble, mature, solid, fervent carriers of the Gospel, God’s answer for this country, and their testimonies are a thrill to hear. Joy, visitations, healings, salvations, transformations of all kinds flow from them. We are so proud of them; they should be teaching our foreigners, including us! Here is one of our heroes, Pastor Adriano, who has been used along with many others to raise the dead.

Our school of missions in Pemba, called Harvest School, runs twice a year for ten weeks at a time, and each time results in an intensely close, joyful, filled-up, free and released family of potential missionaries eager to lay their lives down for love. We pray for power to accommodate and respond to all the interest and hunger coming from around the world. The place to learn missions is on the mission field, where every day we can put into practice what Jesus puts in our hearts. May He call many from this rich pool of lives to help us finish the task Jesus has given us of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace in the neediest places we can find around the world.

Thank you!

With all our special relief and development projects going on, we need to express our great debt of love to all of you who support our massive regular commitments to feed, house and minister to thousands in our African family already under our care. We have huge monthly budgets at all our main bases, and it is absolutely and amazingly supernatural that so many around the world are sensitive and generous enough to keep us going financially. We love and bless you, and are glad for all that will accrue to your account in the Lord!

We are also intensely grateful for so many of you who have taken on the ministry of intercession for us as we face many serious spiritual confrontations, crises and physical challenges. We know that the fruitfulness of our ministry is in answer to the love, faith and prayers of our Iris family around the world. Truly we are a family, not a business, management exercise or political campaign! May you be richly, overwhelmingly blessed in return! Stay close! More soon…

Much, much love in Jesus,

Rolland and Heidi



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