We have work with many children and young people who come from troubled families. In addition, we continue to visit orphanages. We pray for the orphaned children, one of the orphanages is laid down because all the children were adopted.

God uses our service to perform miracles. We now work for women and young families. Women can get help with questions they have and prayer support. Several of the young women have children, our youth visit these families and help them in the house, and have with them clothes and food.

The 1st one. August we became partners in a mother and child center where teenage mothers down to 14 years old live. The center provides housing, legal and psychological assistance. There are people from our church who work at the center and who are volunteers there.

Our church is young, but God has filled us with mercy and love. The Holy Ghost touches every man.

We have been given revelations to be in lifting up every servant and to evangelize new places. Many people have been touched and welcomed Jesus in the heart.

Our church is experiencing a special time now, we need prayer support. We were told that we could no longer hire a Local that we share with several other organisations. We need premises for meetings, Sunday School and discipleship training for teenagers. We also need a separate room for young mothers with their children.

Thank you for the service you are performing for us, thank you for your love of God.

Pastor Valery and Lora


Saviours Home asks for intercede for the work:

1. Christmas program with gifts for 150 children.

2. Purchase of a garage

The work now has five different small storage spaces.

They have found a suitable garage on 3 floors where they can first store camp equipment, in the second car and other technical equipment, in third music equipment, theater equipment, church equipment and rehearsal space for drama/puppet theatre. The owner is waiting for a response, the garage costs 15.000 USD.

3. Continue to ask for the construction of Christian Center on the plot we have purchased. We received a revelation to welcome children from orphanages and disadvantaged families at the centre on weekends. We are officially guardian of some of the children from the orphanage, and at the center they can meet families who will adopt them.

4. We want to buy a local in Kiev that we can use for church.




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