Always dreamed of a trip to Israel? Join women in networking on a round trip in the country from 7. 17. March 2019. We visit of course many of the famous places such as the Dead Sea, Gallilea, Sea of Galilee, Golan, Nasareth and Jerusalem. But the best thing about our trip is all the lovely contacts we have received in the country and which we are going to hit; Rania in Nasareth, Iklas in Kana, Rachel in Beersheba, Vered and Randa in Jerusalem and Ariel in Haifa to name a few.

We have a growing work among new immigrants for Israel and in women's work among Jews and Arabs. For several years we have traveled down to contribute in a tutor team at a women's conference for Arab and Jewish women outside Jerusalem. Many people experience strong encounters with God and a new love for Jesus, nations, and peoples. It happens a lot in the spiritual struggle today and it feels exciting and strategic right to be in Israel in this time.

The Israelis even say that the best way to show our love for land and people is to come to the country. Therefore, women in networking arranges a trip where you can be, and our leader Elin L. Fagerbakke and Mette Vestberg Sørensen (KiN's missionary contact for Israel) are travel leaders. We hope you join in intercede for land and people, pray for peace for Jerusalem, and join us for the trip in March 2019.

One of the people we are meeting is Rania Sayegh. She is the leader of the HOPE House of Prayer and Exploits in Nazareth. She has grown up in Nazareth and comes from a Christian Arabian family. In 2004, she received a meeting with the Holy Spirit that changed her life. She received a strong love for the Jewish people and a vision of unity between Arab Christians, Messianic Jews and other Christians from all over the world.

Rachel and Avner Boskey are Messianic Jews living in Beersheva and they are leaders of Final Frontier Ministries. Through creative art, worship, intercessory Prayer, evangelism, and prophetic gifts, they work for the salvation of the Jews — to see that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of the living God. These shall we meet in their homes in Beersheva and they will take us to the source of Abraham.

Another inspirational friend is Ariel Frøytland who is the coordinator of the Foundation "Lev Leman Israel" that provides help to new immigrants in Israel. The work has been going on since 1986. He has lived in Israel for many years and speaks Hebrew. He inspires us tremendously with his involvement among poor Ethiopian and Eastern European Jews.

The tour is for all women and girls regardless of age. If you are interested you can Download the program here!



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