Pemba Base!

Many have now been visiting the IRIS base in Pemba Mozambique. And many more will probably get a lead to go down to visit. The overview screen shows how central the base is in the area. Many people have the opportunity to get to the base and go to school. The school is the houses...

Sponsor Child Scheme

Dear Mentors! Many people have experienced frustration regarding the Web page with information about the sponsor's child. There have been major problems with the website, but they are working to get it up and running. You will soon receive a mail with information about the sponsor of the child. If you don't get a...

Sponsor Scheme

See information about the child you are a sponsor of. Use the link below, log in with your email address and password: changeme1234

IRIS Ministry Newsletter February 2013

Dear Friends of Iris around the world, We in Iris continue to face more need, challenge, opposition, helplessness and perplexity than We can bear, yet daily God shows up and We soldier on. We are jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not...

IRIS Newsletter, November 2012

During this Thanksgiving holiday season God's glorious love is being poured out on the poorest of the poor, and we want to thank you for your part in remembering the least of these! Here are two more Iris Media videos. In the first, Iris Missionary Lyle Phillips...


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