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Fantastic Praise Song!           Photo: Anne S. Øygarden

On April 9, girls in networking kept their first day's conference! We knew it was time to collect the girls around the community here in Kr. Sand to seek God together, network with each other, and inspire one another to live the life of Christ in everyday life! The theme of the conference was "Raw, Pure & Honest!" What we knew God laid on our hearts in advance of the Conference was that there should be a focus on being genuine about life, and daring to take off the mask so we can fully be ourselves! There is freedom in being able to be real about life, and not try to be anything other than the one we are created to be!

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Elise Vistnes Photo: Anne S. Øygarden

The day consisted of a morning meeting where Elise Vistnes spoke of having her identity in God, followed by a "naked panel", where current questions about the relationships with Jesus were asked to 4 girls of different ages and professions. In the evening we heard from one of our spiritual mothers; Wenche Egeland! She challenged us to live a life based on God's word, wholly and wholly, and dare to trust in His promise in the midst of what we stand in! After the evening meeting, we also opened up to prophetic service. Through it, we experienced that many who have never before received a prophetic word were encouraged and surprised to hear what good and loving thoughts Daddy God has over us, and how He sees and knows us personally!

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Wenche Egeland Photo: Anne S. Øygarden

We were between 30-40 girls who spent the day together. Our focus was not on getting the most people to come, but that those who came were to be seen, and meet and go back home with more experience with Jesus than they had when they arrived! Since this was our first girl conference, we chose to start with a small step, and then we see where God takes it further. But we can announce that we are already planning to have a girl conference April 1, 2017! Our heart is that the younger girls who grow up today are going to experience what living and good God we have and point to our heavenly Father who has the future, hope and great plans for us all!  It found an exciting life available in Christ that we want to convey to the girls. We find that God calls his people together as a great family, and that there is a time to stand together, cheer on one another, so we together can bring the good news of Jesus out to our nation!

Greetings leaders in girls in networking 🙂



From the left: Alise fagerbakke Aabel, Elise Vistnes, Amalie Linde Fagerbakke, Cecilie Coward and Anne Signe Øygarden.  Photo: Anne S. Øygarden



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